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  • Not available anymore

    This teddy was a limited edition only, and isn't available anymore. We might get some later, but can't make any promises.

  • Limited edition of 200

    Only 200 will ever be made, which makes Beatrice more collectable

  • Handmade

    Expertly handmade in Germany by highly skilled artisans, which makes every teddy unique

  • Fully jointed

    All five joints turn, so this teddy's head, arms and legs can be posed in multiple positions.

  • Standing pose

    This teddy likes to stand, and isn't flexible enough to sit.

  • Made of mohair

    Mohair is a durable fabric used on the finest teddies, made from the hair of the Angora goat. Read more

  • Removable clothing

    This teddy's clothing can be removed, making them more versatile.

Approximate size in comparison to adults and children of different ages.
Beatrice is a cute bear from Teddy-Hermann Original collection, lovingly handmade by skilled teddy artisans in Germany. She is 27 cm tall from head to toe and weighs a light 210 g, and she feels hard in hands. All that makes her perfect for displaying on shelf. She is not a toy, and not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
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    Cuddliness, exceptional quality and naturalistic design are the hallmark of Teddy-Hermann bears. Manufactured in limited quantities in Germany for over 100 years, they are sure to make any teddy lover happy.