Paul Maus 12 braun mit Teddyb. Petsy RMS

Paul Mouse with Teddy Bear

Paul Mouse with Teddy Bear
Paul Mouse with Teddy Bear
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  • Limited edition of 1500

    Only 1500 will ever be made, which makes Paul Mouse with Teddy Bear more collectable

  • Handmade

    Expertly handmade by highly skilled artisans, which makes every teddy unique

  • Sitting pose

    This teddy likes to sit comfortably, and doesn't have good enough balance for standing.

  • Jointed neck and arms

    This teddy's head and arms can be turned but their legs don't move.

  • Made of mohair

    Mohair is a durable fabric used on the finest teddies, made from the hair of the Angora goat. Read more

Approximate size in comparison to adults and children of different ages. Yes, that's small.
Paul Mouse with Teddy Bear is an adorable mouse from Steiff for Collectors collection, lovingly handmade by skilled teddy artisans in Germany. He is 12 cm tall from head to toe and weighs only 110 g, and he feels hard in hands. All that makes him perfect for displaying on shelf. He is not a toy, and not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
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  • year
  • designer

  • Accessories

    Bow and teddy bear

  • Cleaning

    Not washable, wipe carefully with a damp cloth

Quality & environment

  • Ensures that mohair comes from farms with a progressive approach to managing their land, and from goats that have been treated responsibly.
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Steiff are the inventors of the Teddy Bear - the true original. Since the invention of the world's first Teddy bear by Richard Steiff in 1902, the Steiff teddy bear has become a beloved companion for a lifetime for millions.