Cuddle Cub Rottie Dog

Cuddle Cub Rottie Dog
Cuddle Cub Rottie Dog
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  • Machine washable

    This teddy can handle machine washing, but make sure you follow the instructions.

  • Sitting pose

    This teddy likes to sit comfortably, and doesn't have good enough balance for standing.

  • Made of plush

    Plush is very soft synthetic fabric, which is comfortable and pleasant to the touch.

Approximate size in comparison to adults and children of different ages. Yes, that's small.
Cuddle Cub Rottie Dog is a petite dog from the 2024 Cuddle Cubs collection, made in China. They are 14 cm tall from head to toe and weigh only 60 g, and they feel soft in hands. All that makes them perfect for holding and hugging. They can be played with by children of all ages.
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  • designer

  • Cleaning

    Machine washable at 30°

Quality & environment

  • CE mark
    Fulfils the requirements of all applicable EU directives. Items without CE marking are collector's items, not toys.
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