Our Services

Teddy Hospital

At our Teddy Hospital, love-worn and time-tested teddies are treated with the utmost care and precision. No matter the ailment – be it a loose limb, lost growl, or a missing eye – our skilled teddy artisan Eerika is dedicated to mending and restoring your beloved bear to its cherished form. Every bear has a story, and it's our honor to ensure that story continues for years to come. Trust your cherished teddy with us, and watch as it's lovingly brought back to life.

Teddy Spa

Over time, teddies gather memories, adventures, and a little bit of dirt along the way. So give your teddy the pampering they deserve at our Teddy Spa. Our specialized cleaning service is designed to treat the most delicate and fragile of materials, ensuring your teddy returns to you fresh and revitalized without compromising its unique characteristics. Whether it's a gentle cleanse or a deep refresh, our Teddy Spa will rejuvenate your bear, making it ready for many more cuddles and adventures ahead.

Contact us for an estimate at info@littleteddyshop.com. Please include information on what services your beloved teddy needs, and attach at least one photo.