Dog hand puppet

Dog Hand Puppet

Dog Hand Puppet
Dog Hand Puppet
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  • Vintage teddy

    This teddy is vintage, and is at least 20 years old by now.

  • Made of mohair

    Mohair is a durable fabric used on the finest teddies, made from the hair of the Angora goat. Read more

  • Not jointed

    None of the joints move, so this teddy can't be positioned in many ways.

Approximate size in comparison to adults and children of different ages.
Dog Hand Puppet is a playful dog from Vintage collection, made in Germany. We estimate that they are from 1970's. They are 23 cm tall from head to toe and weigh only 65 g, and they feel soft in hands. All that makes them perfect for wearing on the hand. They are not a toy, and not suitable for children under 14 years of age.
Missing information:
  • year
  • designer

  • Condition

    Average - Fair condition, missing ear tag, but still has ear button

  • Cleaning

    Not washable, wipe carefully with a damp cloth


Steiff are the inventors of the Teddy Bear - the true original. Since the invention of the world's first Teddy bear by Richard Steiff in 1902, the Steiff teddy bear has become a beloved companion for a lifetime for millions.