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Steiff Father's Day 2023

Father's Day is fast approaching, and we have some very special collectors' teddy bears from Steiff for dads of all kinds.

Steiff – A True Classic

Steiff is the oldest and most famous teddy bear brand in the world. Their classic designs have kept their appeal – and value – through the years. This doesn't mean they've stopped being creative and innovative, quite the opposite!

Here we have gathered a set of teddy bears that display the diversity of Steiff teddies, selected especially with dads in mind. Happy Father's Day!

The Popular Culture Dad

Steiff has been instrumental in making teddy bears a hobby for people of all ages and genders. Combining classic pop culture icons with handmade quality Steiff is known for, these teddies are a truly bold statement with roots deep in tradition – and a gift that will last and delight for years to come.

Steiff has been producing James Bond bears as well as various rock and pop music artist teddies with the Steiff Rocks! branding for a couple of years, and these most recent ones are great examples of those creative partnerships. All these four stunning teddy bears are handmade in Germany with mohair, and are produced in limited quantities.

The Vintage Dad

Steiff is, quite deservedly, the most collectable teddy bear brand. In fact, the record for the most valuable collectable teddy bear was just broken earlier this year when an original rare Steiff teddy bear from 1912 sold for 180000 € at an auction!

These teddies are a bit more affordable than that, but not any less special. Check out the rare Rolex teddy especially, as it was never sold officially in stores.

The Cuddly Dad

However, not all Steiff teddies are just for collectors only. These four teddies are more traditional plushy bears, ready for cuddling. The hoodie ones are also a handy smaller size to join dad on his travels.

Little Teddy Shop

Little Teddy Shop is a dream come true for any teddy bear enthusiast. With a large selection of high quality handmade and exclusive teddy bears, we aim to be the number one destination for teddy enthusiasts of all ages.

In addition to our web shop, you can find our charming little shop in Helsinki, at the Punavuori design district. We've reserved a selection of teddy bears not available online for those who make the journey. Welcome!